Table of Contents

Foreword by Juhani Pallasmaa

Part 1. Collage Methodologies in Architectural Analysis + Design

1.1 Papier-collé and found materials
Le Corbusier / Bernhard Hoesli / Eduardo Chillida / Richard Meier

1.2 Collage-drawing
[a] MvdR / Daniel Libeskind / Ben Nicholson  / James Corner  [geometric]                        [b] Superstudio / Archigram / Rem Koolhaas / time[scape]lab  [utopic]

1.3 Photomontage
[a] David Wild / Nils-Ole Lund  [found]                                                                                 [b] Matta-Clark / Mary Miss  / Miralles Tagliabue / Teddy Cruz  [constructed]

1.4 Digital methods
Mathur da Cunha / Point Supreme / FELD studios

Part 2. Architecture as Collage

2.1   Luis Barragán’s House and Studio [Mexico City, Mexico, 1948]

2.2   Le Corbusier and Bernhard Hoesli’s Casa Curutchet [La Plata, Argentina, 1948-53]

2.3   Sigurd Lewerentz’s Markuskyrkan [Stockholm, Sweden, 1956-63]

2.4   Sverre Fehn’s Hamar Bispegaard Museum [Hamar, Norway, 1973-present]

2.5   WEISS/MANFREDI’s Olympic Sculpture Park [Seattle, WA, USA, 2007]

2.6   Roberto Ercilla’s Fundación Sancho el Sabio [Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 2008]


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